10 Tools That’ll Make WordPress Better

Posted on Feb 18, 2019

WordPress is very versatile. In the hands of the right team, it can lead to impressive websites that has plenty of traffic. But in the hands of beginners with zero experience and desire to learn, it’s going to be wasted potential.

You’re not a beginner, right? You want to learn how to make the site better. You started this WordPress project not only because you wanted to promote a brand, but also because you’re willing to enter the online world. Of course you want to reach the best possible version of your website, so here’s a list of 10 tools that can help you achieve such a goal.

When you’re trying to build a successful WordPress site, it all starts and ends with search engine optimization. It’s a demanding process, but you need to engage in it regardless. Fortunately, Yoast makes SEO more approachable even for total beginners.

It supports better branding by giving you templates for title and meta descriptions. It also sets canonical URLs, so you avoid duplicate content. Plus, it gives you advanced analytics helping you realize what you can improve in your SEO strategy.

Even the slightest grammar mistake will lead to mocking comments, no matter how good your content is. This tool will help you avoid any of those issues. Grammarly suggests improvements not only in grammar and spelling, but in style as well.

When you install the Chrome extension, it will work wherever you type. If you use Google Drive or you type directly into WordPress, it’ll show where your content is flawed.

Let’s be honest: good grammar means nothing if you have bad content. Content is the first and most important aspect to pay attention to. We’re talking about all types of content: text, video, infographics, and images.

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Since these services are rather versatile, you can hire graphic designers there too. If you need infographics or unique images, you may still count on an assignment service UK.

This is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress, generating cached versions of your site’s pages without consuming a great deal of server resources. This is a complex process, but this plugin makes that simple and non-technical.

Caching is important because it makes your website load faster. That’s what your users expect, so it’s a critical factor in improving their experience.

Do you need a multilingual element to your site? You’ll be able to reach out to a larger audience through a single website. But you will need a plugin to make WordPress suitable for multilingual purposes. WPML is great to try!

It’s compatible with most themes and plugins. The team continues to improve its features, and you get constant support if you encounter any problems.

Your website has to be absolutely safe from any threats. This plugin will first scan your website to make sure it’s clean, checking core files, plugins and themes for SEO spam, malware, malicious redirects, backdoors, bad URLs, and code injections. You get all that for free. But if you pay for Premium, you’ll get real-time malware updates as well.

But Wordfence Security doesn’t stop at checks. It also compresses plugins, themes and core files to make your website much faster!

Make it really easy for your visitors to share content from your website to social media. This is one of the best ones you can use. The buttons look nice. The tool will also show the number of shares on different social media platforms. That adds social proof to your site. When people see that a particular piece is highly popular, they will also be encouraged to share it.

Broken links make a bad impression to your visitors. When someone likes your content and clicks a link you included, they expect to find valuable information there. If the link is broken, the visitor won’t be happy. It also hurts your SEO. Google is smart. The search engine wants to prevent users from disappointing experiences, so it won’t take them to pages with broken links. This plugin allows you to avoid any of those problems. It will check your site for broken links and lost images, and it will let you know.

You won’t develop content just to publish it and share it once on your social media. You’ll want high-quality content to be reusable, so it will keep attracting people to your website. You can feel free to share old, but still relevant pages with your followers. But you don’t want to get boring with that. This plugin lets you set the time and posts you’d like to be shared. It will do the job automatically, so you can just set up the plan and forget it.

Designing and maintaining the perfect website is not enough. You have to invest resources and energy into digital marketing. SEMrush helps with that.

This SEO and marketing tool will boost the search engine optimization, paid traffic, social media, and content marketing efforts regarding your site. You can use it to compare your website to competitors and use those insights to make it better. You’ll see where the backlinks are coming from, how you stand with organic keyword rankings, and what advertising strategies your competitors use.

It iss advanced, but a very resourceful tool that you absolutely need.

With all the tools and plugins you can use, you can unlock the limitless potential of WordPress. The above-listed tools are just the beginning. Start exploring and you’ll get hooked.