Google Analytics 4 adds conversion, bounce rate, and UTM parameters

Google Analytics 4 is introducing three new metrics to the platform this week. The metrics will be available to view across explorations, segments, audience, reports, and the Google Analytics data API. The new metrics added are:

Bounce rateUTM term and UTM ad contentConversion rate

1. Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions that were not completed due to a user exiting the landing page. These sessions are the opposite of the engagement rate. The Bounce rate metric is available in the Explorations and Reporting Customization.

In GA4, the Bounce rate is calculated differently than in Universal Analytics. You can learn how the new metric is calculated in the help doc.

2. UTM term and UTM ad content

These metrics are available in the Explorations, Reporting, and Audience Builder. Google has added both a user scope and a session scope dimension. For the UTM content parameter, you’ll be able to see the value assigned to first user manual ad content as well as session manual ad content. For the UTM term parameter, you’ll be able to view the first user manual term and session manual term.

3. Conversion rate

GA4 is now reporting on the conversion rate for any event. This includes both the user conversion as well as the session conversion rate.

You can review the release announcement from Google here.

Why we care. More data from Google is typically a good thing, especially when it comes after the release of a new product or feature. Additional insights into performance metrics should help advertisers diagnose and troubleshoot campaign performance issues.

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