Rent a server at Server Beach

“I have had web-server experience since 1998, and Server Beach is my choice today for value, service and reliability, hands down.”
– Greg Schipper, President of Advent Digital.

My personal experience with multiple servers at Server Beach:

  • As close to 100% up-time as Possible. I cannot
    remember an outage in years.

  • Bandwidth is very high, like having my own T3.
    (That would be $2000 a month!)

  • My servers are very fast and very reliable. (And

  • The support staff is the Best in the United States,
    maybe the world.

  • The Sales staff are very professional and
    knowledgeable. (translates: Helpful)

  • My nightmare days of co-location are over!!!

  • My worse nightmare days of shared hosting are over

Why not see for yourself: Contact Casey @ Server Beach? Phone
800-741-9939 option 3, mention Greg at Advent Digital. Or try Casey’s cell phone 210-379-7007.

from $75/mo

from $99/mo

from $299/mo