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We have a new service to maximize security on your website: we are now able to block entire countries from seeing or accessing your site!
This means only visitors from the United States, Canada and any other countries you wish will be able to access your site!
We can do this for you for only $50 one-time fee (+ applicable tax)

Studies show that countries with the most hackers are China, Turkey, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, Romania, India, Italy, and Hungary.
Do you really want or even need traffic from any of these countries?
All logic tells us that visitors from these countries are likely to have malicious intent.
As we are all well aware, the United States government, with its many branches, are selectively blocking many foreign nations, using the same technology known as “Geo IP”.
We can block 80% of all hack attacks by blocking these countries!
Included in this installation is a free security evaluation of your WordPress website to be certain that all current precautions are being taken with a system that we trust called “All in One Security”.

Let us know if you would like to get protected today!

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