Viral Marketing for Your WordPress Website

Posted on Feb 28, 2019

According to Smart Insights, viral marketing (word-of-mouth marketing) is the primary driver of purchase decisions, 54% of respondents having supporting this claim. Also, 59% of participants find this marketing strategy highly credible.

Viral marketing also works great for website promotion since it lets more people know about your site and what message you want to deliver. Many website hosting platforms give their users all the necessary tools for their websites to go viral. And WordPress is no different.


The world of social media and viral marketing are closely connected, so social media are the gateway for viral messages to reach large audiences.

By adding links to social media accounts or pages on your site, you’ll get to send your viral message out faster.


there’s a variety of plugins that regularly update and work perfectly for viral marketing. Here are just three:

. Click to Tweet: You’ll be able to send your message with the help of only one click. It adheres to Twitter parameters, has built-in automatic link-shortening, and it’s free.

. Viral Loops: This plugin has multiple features connected to viral marketing, as it’s to help you set up marketing campaigns. With a campaign editor, it also allows you to get real-time statistics of how your viral marketing campaign’s performing.

. OnionBuzz: create viral posts by adding quizzes and checklists. It provides access to a variety of interactive posts that will help your content go viral. And, if you want to track the performance, it provides you with up-to-date statistics.


High-quality content is required, so you need to concentrate on creating content that’s as engaging as possible. Keep in mind the following:

. Creating viral content doesn’t free you from keeping an eye on SEO and keywords. No matter how good your content seems, Google only ranks content according to how well SEO is done.
. Cater to proper emotions. Viral content always appeals to a certain emotion so it immediately catches attention.
. Making content interactive is the main strategy to make it viral. Quizzes, contests, giveaways and other types of interactive content are great ways to help go viral.