Google Ads, Analytics issue affecting reporting stats

On Twitter, Yael Consulting founder Lior Krolewicz noticed a strange issue where Google isn’t reporting the correct ad spend. We checked the Google Ads status dashboard and it looks like this is a known issue.

#GoogleAds not showing spend since this morning

We thought it was CC issue, but now seeing traffic on the site@googleanalytics shows clicks but not correct spend

We optimize bids all day. Now spending blindly. Will client have to pay?@adsliaison @bgtheory @rustybrick

— Lior Krolewicz (@yaelconsulting) July 15, 2022

What Google says. There is no word on when the issue will be resolved. Be sure to check the dashboard for updates.

There's an ongoing issue affecting Google ads products and Google Analytics for a large number of accounts. We're working on addressing the issue. Please see the dashboard for updates:

— AdsLiaison (@adsliaison) July 15, 2022

Why we care. Incorrect reporting gives way to incorrect adjustments, optimization, and changes. Check your ads dashboard. If your numbers look incorrect, you may want to hold off on making any big changes until the issue has been resolved.

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