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[color-box]Advent Digital Adds Numerous Services to Better Serve Customers[/color-box]

Now the company provides technical support and hosting, as well as local listing building.

Advent Digital, an internet marketing company, has recently added three new services in order to serve customers more effectively: hosting, technical support, and local listing building.

The first service is hosting. Advent will host a website for $20 per month, with as close a website uptime to a hundred percent as technically possible. The servers will also be very fast as well as very reliable.

The second is technical support. This service will cover anything from website hacks to website errors, and such support will be provided for a website’s content management system; web development; CSS, JavaScript and WordPress; protection of WordPress from hackers; site load speed; and much more.

Last but not least is building local listings. Advent has found that one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization is high-quality linking, and local listings are the best way to do that; as a result, the company has found and implemented an inexpensive approach to building such listings, and can be provided at $30 per month. This can be compared to Y**t and Y**p at quite a savings. This service comes complete with an online dashboard to allow the client to view visibility as well as social activity.

Being in operation since 1997, Advent Digital has helped over eighty customers rank on page one; the company continues to strive towards that goal.

Greg Schipper, SEO Technician
Advent Digital
San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone 210-493-6193
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[color-box]Firm Reveals the Budget-Solution in Search Engine Marketing, Fast SEO Ranking[/color-box]

As of April 2014 Advent Digital clients are enjoying an average of 900 Page 1 rankings in the Top 5 search engines.

San Antonio, TX. April 7, 2014. Firm reveals that most Search Engine Optimization companies are charging 5 to 10 times more than is really warranted. Another firm, Advent Digital, can deliver extraordinary position in securing Page One search engine results in Google, Bing and Yahoo, for much lower fees. Clients can enjoy the benefits of being on Page One within months of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work. Traffic increase and page 1 rankings are guaranteed!

All website owners want Page One of Google for their top search terms, but are often stopped from obtaining this coveted position by one thing; High SEO Pricing. The staff at Advent Digital have decided to reveal the true cost of SEO with their new “fair pricing plan”. This plan, reports Greg Schipper, President of Advent Digital, cuts none of the popular SEO services, but only cuts the price. “We offer a high service level and guaranteed results at a monthly fee that is remarkably affordable. All agree that high search engine ranking translates into higher traffic and increased sales, but is it affordable?”

How much does thorough and effective SEO cost?

The cost question in SEO marketing varies widely. The national average is around $1500 monthly. “We believe this figure is too costly. It’s too high by more than 5x.” The SEO team at Advent Digital will provide the same services and Page One Results for a very low monthly fee.

The SEO staff at Advent Digital employ a combination of the following tactics:

[color-box]1. Thorough Keyword Research and setting up 200 top keywords.
2. Slowly build 1,000+ relevant, One Way links from other websites (not damaging reciprocals).
3. Build out and slowly release internal pages with important content for your site visitors.
4. Work with client to establish the needed social signals required by the top search engines.
5. Adding new and related content to your website and mini-sites weekly. Plus 12 other marketing techniques, as seen on the Advent Digital website. [/color-box]

This all may sound technical to you, however, trusted SEO Marketing people have the knowledge and experience to make your website appear in the search results on Page One.

The Answer… consult with an SEO professional about performing SEO work on your website to boost your visibility and search engine rankings.

Why not investigate SEO for your company? You may be surprised with the results.

Greg Schipper, SEO Technician
Advent Digital
San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone 210-493-6193
Our Website:

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