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Heat-Map-smWhen you have many thousands of visitors, but a low conversion rate, it’s time to consider “Heatmap Marketing”. To define “Heatmap Marketing” we must first look at a heatmap. The sample below was created in Photoshop merely for discussion purposes. Please do not call or email me about it. A heatmap of any particular website will illustrate exactly where the visitor’s eyes and mouse clicks are going. In this example, the bulk of visitor eye and mouse traffic shows to exist in the upper left quadrant or triangle, if you will. {more below illustration}

Heatmap Marketing illustration with MSN homepage as example of most common heatmap configuration.

An amazing finding demonstrates that approximately 80% of a webpage activity occurs in this heatmap zone, as typified above. So naturally, we in website marketing, should plan to use this real estate very wisely. This zone should be used to:
1. Conversion rate considerations apply here. What can I place here to create a conversion? Definition: Conversion Rate; The relationship between visitors to a web site and actions considered to be a “conversion,” such as a sale or request to receive more information. This number is often expressed as a percentage.
2. What “tried and true” conversion techniques should I consider?

For most website owners, this real estate is wasted. I admit, I’m guilty too. So, what can we do about it? We can change our focus to “Heatmap Marketing”. Here are some examples that fall into this category of “Heatmap Marketing”:
1. Offer a 3-Day Sale on Goods or Services, rotate items on sale regularly. Or, offer a “Free Consulation” by phone.
2. Offer clients visiting your website a “free incentive”. This is usually an ebook that you can buy for a small, onetime fee, but then distribute freely on your website. You then add references to this on many pages of your website, then you may want to collect simply a name and email address before allowing the “free download”. Without question this technique made made countless millionaires both on the web and off.
3. Start a Monthly e-Newsletter. While this technique does not apply to all industries online, it certainly does to most. Build Your Business with Email.

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