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Why pay $1,000 a month? (The going rate in the central states). Why pay $2,000 a month? (The going rate in the coastal states)

Compare Our Complete SEO Program – $199/mo [ + $200 One-time Setup Fee ] …

How can this be done?

17 Point Regional Program
(or view National Plans)

  1. Research the keyword phrases for your campaign (client input & software). SPECIAL NOTE: We optimize At Least 120 or more keyword phrases for every customer, not 15 as others do.
  2. Evaluate, correct and maintain mobile-friendliness, also known as responsiveness.
  3. Review your website’s top pages for meta tags, including title, description, h1 tags and alt tags on your photos. Make necessary adjustments.
  4. Evaluate, correct and maintain Local Authority / Visibility to boost your Google Local / Google Maps ranking. Compare to $500 yearly at YE** or M** Local.The Local Authority Program in its entirety can be viewedhere.
  5. Evaluate, correct and maintain social networking at the top social sites: FB, TW, G+, YouTube.
  6. All developmental work for the Local Authority program is permanent. (unlike other providers)
  7. Review top pages for HTML errors and load time errors. Make necessary adjustments. Details
  8. Generate Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml (both VERY IMPORTANT for Rankings)
  9. Create a dynamic sitemap page where your SEO pages are launched.
  10. SEO Copywriting. Build 120+ new “keyword” pages matching your design, launched from above-mentioned Sitemap page.
  11. Setup a Mechanism to daily-update the Sitemap.xml, so Google recognizes the new content on your site.
  12. Provide instructions for detailed weekly and/or monthly reports to monitor your website ranking progress, which will be available in your own WordPress dashboard.
  13. Regularly create a press release on a topic suggested by you. OR: Regularly auto-post from larger sources (magazines, blogs, etc.)
  14. Submit your Press Release to important newswire websites as well as your company blog.
  15. Convert your Press Release into YouTube ready video and publish.
  16. Utilize local listings as part of social network, such as linking to your Press Release and/or adding brochures, posting events, or special offers.
  17. Provide marketing consulting and/or website changes to active clients one quarter-hour per month.

What Makes Advent Digital Different From Every Other Seo/Sem Offer?

  1. We optimize 120 keywords OR MORE, not 12 or 15. More keywords = More Traffic!
  2. Seo Process ConceptWe build 120 SEO copywriting pages, lots of work, Super Results! See item #9.
  3. We send you monthly, detailed SEO ranking reports showing all your rankings in the top 5 search engines. See Item # 12.
  4. We practice on-going link building, Link Equity, in items 13 – 17.
  5. Low price! We offer Madison Avenue SEO / SEM at an 80%+ Savings!
  6. Our operations model does NOT include BMWs, 6 figure salaries, high-rise building rents, etc. etc. Why should YOU pay for these?
  7. Compare our 17 point plan with ANY other program nationwide!
  8. We offer a Guarantee.
  9. Our average client has over 700 Page 1 Rankings on their keyword phrases in the top 5 search engines.
  10. Our program is month-to-month. No annual contract, no $2,000 install fee, no constant attempts to sell-up to a more expensive program.

SEO Market Share by Search Engine

How Important are the Top Search Engines?
Here is a chart that represents the searches done in the United States this past year. It shows our main focus should be on just 3 search engines; Google, Bing, Yahoo. The top 5 SEs are 99% of Internet searches!



What Average Results Are Seen With This Seo / Sem Package?

3D Knob - Boost Web TrafficMost clients see this progression:
Before SEO – 2 to 4 page 1s based upon proper nouns in your business.

  1. At end of month 1 the average client has approx. 100 Page 1 rankings.
  2. At end of month 2 the average client has approx. 200 Page 1 rankings.
  3. At end of month 3 the average client has approx. 300 Page 1 rankings. Etc.

Increased traffic follows page 1 rankings on your keyword phrases.
See graph of average increased traffic.

This all may sound technical to you, however we have the knowledge and experience to make your website appear in the search results on Page One.

The Answer… employ Advent Digital to perform SEO work on Your Website to Easily Boost Your Link Popularity and Search Engine Rankings!

Visitor-Traffic-Comparison-Do You Want Traffic?

See a typical traffic scenario on the right…
The Investment

The Advent Digital SEO package is less than 20% of what is normally charged. You may cancel anytime you desire. There is no minimum!

Our Challenge…

We challenge you to show us any and all steps taken by SEO firms charging up to 7 times what we do, that we are not providing with our service. Please take this seriously because we do! We are eager to be made aware of any effective steps that we should be providing, but are not. You may call 210-493-6193 at any time or use our online form for immediate communication.

Call David at 210-493-6193 for a free and no obligation evaluation

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