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Greg; … Our bottom line was very good. (Re: Christmas)
As you know we have been transitioning from PPC to Organic which I expect 6 – 12 months to complete. I believe we have been making very nice progress due largely in part from your efforts and the knowledge you have been teaching me about SEO to make better educated decisions for our site.
I have been able to achieve number one and two positions on Google, for three out of four of our best converting keyword phrases. (WOW)
I sincerely thank you. I am looking forward to a prosperous new year and growing organically. Thanks again. Larry McGill, Charm N Jewelry Inc. Charmn Jewelry[/color-box]

[color-box color=”green”]Hello Greg,
“Our increased website traffic because of your work has translated into about a 30% increase in sales this past year. There is more competition in our area of retail than most others, yet you’ve jetted us ahead of hundreds of our competitors and onto the front page of Google in so many of the most important key word searches. Your in-depth understanding of Search Engine Optimization amazes us all. Thanks for all you’re doing.”
Blessings on you, Dave Munson[/color-box]

Courier Service San Antonio – New CMS Website – WordPress

Mattresses San Antonio – New CMS Website – WordPress

Carpet Cleaning San Antonio – New CMS Website – WordPress Old Website

Trust Financial – New CMS Website – WordPress

San Antonio Remodel – Dunn-Wright Remodelers – CMS Content Management System

Topeka Home Remodel – Winston-Brown – Great Design CSS

An International Company for Power Cords with a new CSS Design

A new website design and full CMS (content management system) for Flying L Guest Ranch

Chiropractor San Antonio Texas | River City Chiropractic

[color-box color=”blue”]American Marketing – “Greg, thanks to your work building our website, we have experienced an increase running on the ratio of more than 35% this year of 2002. It has given us top credibility in our field. Quite frankly I have not found a competitor firm that has anything close to what you have built for us. Through this system we are now about 90% paperless. Thus the cost of doing business has gone down, saving us a great deal of money and time. We believe that American marketing is now positioned to double it’s growth in the next 36 months.” Sincerely, Bart Dailey, CEO[/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]“Greg and advent digital were able to take our ideas and vision and put it all together in a perfectly designed web site. It’s clean, easy to use and presents our product in a very professional manner. We are blessed to have found Advent Digital.” Jim Rough, Power Imaging [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”Thank you for the excellent work in creating the Asher website. Everyone was amazed at how quickly it was constructed … We were particularly enthusiastic about the integrity it lent towards helping us create the image we desired.
Nancy Dailey, Asher Leader [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”Advent Digital has a real talent for producing original, innovative graphic designs for web pages. (They) have an artistic vision of what will be appealing to others. My site is laid out in a simple to follow, yet highly functional manner…. elegant look which is refreshing. (They) wasted no time in preparing the site … often waiting for input from me. (They) have standards which are very high.
Dr. Ken Holcombe, President Mashiach Computing [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”Thank you for the promptness to the updates on our site. Words can not express how delighted we are with the work of Advent Digital. The technical advice, the flexibility in getting information to you and from you has been superb. In this times where everyone seems to see you as a number the personal touch provide by you made it so easy for a novice internet user such as our organization. Not only is your service superb but the quality of your product holds second candle to no one. Once again thank you for the wonderful work you provide.” God Bless, E. “Cas” Castillo, Pastor of New Peace Fellowship [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”It is with great delight that we at Women’s Neighborhood Prayer express our appreciation and excitement to Advent Digital for our new website! We are amazed at how our ideas and information have been implemented so beautifully and with such professionalism. In less than a week our dreams have become a reality! The technical expertise behind Advent Digital and their detailed artistic innovations have been demonstrated over and over as we worked together. The cost was certainly within our budget and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, Advent Digital !!!
Joan Bond, President, and the women of WNP [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”Building a website was worrisome, having no knowledge of even where to start. Advent Digital took charge and created a beautiful, easy to use website that took what I wanted to say and things that should be said and molded it into one of the best websites on the Net. The beauty of our site is the first thing people commented on. He was faster than I ever expected, I had a hard time keeping up with the changes that were being made. It was virtually error free with a few minor corrections and those were addressed before I could finish my emails. We were up and running in record time, my wife even commented “so soon?”, I don’t even have time to look at it and he was able to complete it”. His creativity, workmanship and willingness to listen to my desires are beyond what words can explain. Even more, the final product delivered to us from Advent Digital far exceeded the cost to us for his services. A true bargain for an excellent service/product. Something so unheard of these days. If you don’t use him, you are missing a true blessing – financially and for product received.”
Manny Velarde, Founder of Wings of Eagles [/color-box]

[color-box color=”blue”]”… how excited and impressed we are with our new web site. The overall graphic design was above and beyond our expectation and we really like the new Power Tech Logo. We are confident, the creative layout of the site coupled with it’s functionality will produce many qualified customer responses. I must admit none of us expected the site to be assembled so quickly. … couldn’t be happier. GREAT JOB!”
Bob Reeder, PowerTech [/color-box]

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