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Optimizing for Local Rankings is not just a matter of SEO / SEM – Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing.

Question: What can be added?

Answer: We manually build Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other listings for you to drive web traffic in your website.

Leverage the power of location to drive more customers to your website — and give them an outstanding experience while they’re browsing search.

Whether you have 1 location or 100, our industry-leading software and solutions help you maximize your home field advantage.SEO-Local-Promise

Why You Should Build your Local Listings

Google expects regional or local companies to provide key info on a company’s website, social networks, etc. If you have no citation in important areas, or info is incorrect, it really hurts your marketing. So the main points of correct local marketing SEO are:

We can do all this for you!

Location Management

Easily control and manage your listings on our 35+ global partners, including Google Maps, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and Yelp.

Our Network:

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1 Keep your Listings Things don’t revert back to the way things were before you started, Unlike YE## and Ye** and M** Local.

2 Quality / authority of inbound links to domain. Our partners are among the most trusted sources on the web — on 50+ sites, instantly, in a single click.
3 Domain authority of website. We will push your URL to all of our publishers, improving your domain authority.
4 Rich Content. Many citation sites allow Rich Content, for these sites we post images, products etc.
– –

All these features are included for $30 monthly for 6 months.

Local Search Ranking Factors Impacting Organic Search

The MOZ team released their Local Search Ranking Factors. As Search Engine Land reported, the majority of factors (and the most weighted) seem to have remain largely unchanged.

However, with the rollout of the Pigeon algorithm, a few factors’ importance have shuffled around. We’re going to talk about some of these factors and how This Program can help you manage these.

Localized Organic Factors

The article lists out the top 50 Localized Organic Factors that contribute to search rank/relevance. As exhaustive as that list is, we’re only going to focus on the top ten items listed there.

Of the ten highest-ranked Localized Organic Factors, This Program directly or indirectly addresses half of them. Primarily, the publishers in the This Program’s package are of high domain authority. In turn, their structured consistency means that the landing pages that Partners should be creating for the clients have high authority as well. These factors that This Program influences/controls are:

It’s noteworthy that a number of the other Localized Organic Factors are related to site design and layout. It appears that, for purely organic local search, optimizing a client’s website is as important as ensuring their listings are under your control.

Factors that have Increased in Importance Due to the Google Pigeon Update

We mentioned in the opening of this post that Pigeon, the new Google ranking algorithm currently deployed and being tested/tweaked, has influenced which ranking factors weigh most this year. Of the factors determined to be the 10 most influenced by Penguin, This Program exerts control over five — half of the listed factors.

All these features are included for $30 monthly for 6 months.

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