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To help advertisers ensure their Performance Max campaigns are set up correctly, Google has launched diagnostic insights. The insights are aimed to help ensure there are no delays or issues causing low engagement or disapproved ads.

Visibility into potential issues. When a new Performance Max campaign is launched, the diagnostic insights view can automatically identify issues related to:

StatusBillingPoliciesConversion trackingBudgetStrategy targetsAd strength

You’ll also be able to view recommendations via the progress bar.

What Google says. Right now, the insights are only available for Performance Max campaigns, but Google says they plan on rolling out the insights for other campaign types in the next few months. You can read more information and visit the help dochere.

Why we care. The new insights could be helpful when it comes to ensuring advertisers don’t violate ad policies, and giving helpful visibility into ad strength. But advertisers should be aware that these are insights, and not all suggestions will be required fixes. Insights into budget and strategy are left up to the advertiser and should be manually reviewed and carefully considered before implementation.

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