Simple Press Release Rules:
1. Pick 1 keyword phrase to go for in the press release.
2. Make that keyword phrase part of your Title. Title not to exceed 80 characters. Use no special characters or links in title.
3. Insert a two line summary between title and main message body.
4. Message body must have at least three to four short paragraphs. No spammy content.
5. Starting paragraph must begin with city, state, and date. Example: Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 2010
6. Work that same keyword phrase 3 times into your body text. Ideal size is 400+ words.
7. Include your web address twice, using full http address:
8. No boxes, borders, images or bullets.
9. Must have FULL CONTACT DATA, with name, address, email, phone, at the bottom. Furnish all these details to avoid delay or disappointment later.
10. Your press release must be written like a news story. It must be written in third person. Do no submit spam.
Title must NOT contain Company Name. Do not include “advertising” or “hard sell” language.
11. Create 2 anchor text links on the keyword phrases. See examples in links below.
12. Please do not use special fonts. Arial 10 point is best.

Here is a simple example of a press release for the web:

The Home Builder Garden Oaks Residents Can Trust

Whitestone Builders leads the market in luxury homes with their detailed antique architecture and designs specific to client individuality.

Houston, TX. May, 2014. There are not many builders in the current market with a true commitment to vision. The current economy is tough and as demand goes down, unfortunately, so does the quality of the supply. Fortunately, there is a company that has remained loyal to standards of quality craftsmanship, customer service, and strong foundational support. Whitestone Builders is a home builder Garden Oaks can be proud of by producing exterior and interior designs that create the perfect dream house.

Whitestone Builders is owned by people with years of experience in the business of construction, accounting, and finance, and who only staff those workers that can meet their standards of service. They take pride in their dedication to the desires of the client by insisting that their designs are driven by the individuality of the customer. The goal is to have the unique and special attributes of the tenants represented by features of the home, therefore personally connecting the home to the homeowner. To see the outcome of past building and design projects, or to learn more information about the company’s history and processes, interested parties are encouraged to visit

The time and effort that is put into these houses has not been ignored. Whitestone Builders has been awarded with many titles, including that of Best in Show, Best Overall, Best Master Suite and Bath, Best Kitchen, Best Design, Best Curb Appeal and the People’s Choice award. They also include amazing designs of stairways, kitchens, porches, and shutters. In addition to all the care that goes into the exterior design, interior design is given great importance at Whitestone Builders.

Whitestone Builders is a home builder Garden Oaks can trust to work with quality materials, skilled craftsmen, and dedication to vision.

Whitestone Builders
9801 Westheimer, #302
Houston, TX 77402
(832) 274-3848