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Instagram has just rolled out its new in-app post-scheduling tool for creators and businesses. The new tool lets you schedule Reels, Photo, and Carousel posts up to 75 days in advance.

How it works. You’ll be able to schedule Reels by:

In the creation flow, tap ‘Advanced Settings’ before sharing the postTap ‘Schedule this post’Select the time and date you want it to go liveTap ‘Schedule’ in the post composer

What Instagram says. Functionally, this doesn’t add anything new as you’ve been able to schedule posts via Creator Studio since 2020. But it could make it easier to manage your content on the go, while the capacity to schedule Reels, in particular, could help you maximize your content performance.

Why we care. Brands and social media advertisers who manage Instagram accounts can now easily schedule posts without having to integrate with third-party tools. This feature is likely to come in handy around the busy holiday season, or as brands and agencies are looking for ways to cut costs.

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