In the past, when I was still new to the concept of SEO, I would ask my tech-savvy friends for advice regarding what to do with my website.

Back then, I barely knew anything about SEO and I’ve always thought that it’s especially hard to find the most profitable keywords for my content because chances are, those keywords are probably the exact same keywords that my competitors are already working on.

My friends wouldn’t really mind me asking questions from time to time. But when my desire for SEO learning intensified, these infrequent queries became a barrage of inquiries.

That’s probably the point when one of these friends got fed up and talked to me straight. He basically said that in this day and age, learning is very easy. There are countless ways to find out how to do things and there are so many tools anyone can use for free.

He was probably annoyed at that point because he said something “You should really try to be more resourceful. You’d need that if you want to make something out of internet marketing.”

I realized, he did have a point. I knew I needed to learn. I wanted to learn! So I decided to go online and find informative materials regarding SEO.

Best SEO Training Courses (Free and Paid)

To my surprise, I found some in just a few clicks. There were even a few websites offering SEO courses. I tried and enrolled in many of these SEO programs.

And of the many SEO courses available today online, I would like to share with you those that I believe to be the most useful and convenient.

The Complete SEO Course (by Reliablesoft)
Google Digital Garage
Google SEO Starter Guide
SEO Training Course (by Moz)
Yoast SEO Training Courses
Coursera SEO Courses
Advanced Guide to SEO (by Neil Patel)
Search Engine Land SEO Guide
WordStream SEO Guide
Serpstat Academy
How Search Works (Google)

The Complete SEO Course
The Complete SEO Course

This course was developed by Reliablesoft. It includes 16 lessons which are subdivided further into several lessons.

It tackles everything SEO-related starting from the basics, then advancing to more complex SEO lessons like conversion optimization, HTTPS and SSL.

Different from most online SEO courses, this program includes actionable tips and checklist in order to quickly translate theoretical learnings into action.

Additionally, the case studies provided give you security and confidence that the lessons that are being taught are effective.

And because the online world is dynamic, The Complete SEO Course regularly updates its contents. This is to account for new trends and improved SEO practices.

Enrolling in The Complete SEO Course gives you lifetime access and free updates.

Included in this are lifetime access to all the courses offered, permission to download contents, and SEO course certification.

Google Digital Garage
Digital Garage Courses by Google

Google Digital Garage offers courses on SEO and other digital marketing aspects. Anyone, regardless of skill level, background, or personal objectives can take the course.

The first recommended step in the whole course is taking a diagnostic exam to assess your digital marketing knowledge.

Subsequently, based on the exam’s result, you can create a lesson plan on the different topics of the course.

Alternatively, you can always skip these steps and just jump into exploring the different topics listed in the Library section of the website.

You will learn the lessons provided by Google Digital Garage through watching video tutorial. Moreover, when needed, they can also provide a tailored learning plan that suits your needs.

After finishing a particular lesson, you will be able to take the multiple choice exam covering the discussed topics.

If you pass, you will be awarded a badge. Additionally, after finishing the entire course, you will also be given a certificate of completion.

Google Digital Garage is free for anyone.

All you have to do to start the course is create an account.

Google SEO Starter Guide
SEO Starter Guide by Google

The Google SEO Starter Guide is a free manual that covers all the basic and most important aspects of SEO. It is meant for beginners who want to promote their own website content.

As a manual, the guide just presents information that you will find helpful regarding your SEO ventures. It does not provide feedbacks, certifications, or actual application assessments.

The Google SEO Starter Guide is comprehensive. It covers in detail the fundamental aspects of SEO like getting to know related SEO terms.

It then advances to teaching more complicated lessons including addition of structured data markup, using of breadcrumb lists, and optimizing for mobile usage.

Finally, when you are ready, it also shows how to perform website analytics including analysis of search performance and monitoring of user behavior on site.

SEO Training Course by Moz
SEO Training by Moz

This course was developed by Moz, a leading developer of software for digital marketing. Their experience in the field makes this training course not only credible but also extremely effective.

This free SEO training program is video-based. After signing up and enrolling to the course, you will gain a full lifetime access to over three hours of SEO tutorial content.

The program focuses on enhancing both the internal and external factors that may affect a website’s search engine rankings as well as traffic generation.

Although many parts of the course are theoretical, some topics also involve a step-by-step implementation guide. This makes learning easier for beginners.

The curriculum is broken down into seven general categories, and each category contains several lessons. After all the lessons are learned, you will receive a certificate of completion from the company.

Yoast SEO Training Course
Yoast SEO Training

Yoast SEO training course is a complete learning program in terms of scope. Some of the offered courses include essential SEO courses like basic SEO, and SEO copywriting training.

Additionally, more specific and specialized courses like SEO for WordPress, multilingual SEO training, and structured data training are also available.

Enrolling in the program will give you access to several hours’ worth of video tutorials. Supplementary PDF files are also handed out to make learning easier.

Quizzes in every lesson also assess you to make sure that you understand all vital information that is taught.

To enroll, you will have to pay $39 – $199 depending on the particular course chosen. If you are interested to learn everything, there is also an all-in-one package for $699. Included in this are all of the 6 SEO courses offered by Yoast, and the opportunity to save $185.

Coursera SEO Specialization
SEO Course by Coursera

When it comes to bare SEO knowledge, the SEO Specialization of Coursera is the king. It focuses on you finding the most profitable keywords and ranking high in search engines alone. As a beginner’s crash course, it does not include other more technical SEO strategies.

The whole SEO Specialization course is further subdivided into six courses and multiple lessons. Learning is based on three different methods: reading, video viewing, and peer review.

Aside from these, projects and assignments are also given out to assess your performance as well as to help you execute the skills you have gained.

When you have passed all projects and assignments, you will be awarded a certificate as proof that you have completed the specialization.

Enrolling in Coursera SEO Specialization will require you to pay a minimal amount. After enrolling, you will be given a limited trial period so you can know if the course is suitable for you.

If you feel that it is not, you can refund your payment as long as you unsubscribe before the trial period expires.

However, if you have no money but still would like to learn, you can apply for their financial aid in order to take the course free of charge.

The Advanced Guide to SEO by Neil Patel
Neil Patel SEO Guide

As its name implies, this SEO guide is intended for the more advanced learners. As a prerequisite of the course, it is better for you to read the guide if you have already mastered the fundamentals of SEO.

The guide includes nine chapters of extensive and detailed SEO techniques. Some of the chapters include indexation and accessibility, advanced data research, and link building techniques.

Different from other online SEO courses, The Advanced Guide to SEO is made entirely of Infographics. By combining short texts with easily-comprehensible images, you will be able to reach the desired objectives easily. Moreover, SEO technique execution will be much easier since examples are shown.

This guide is free to read online. However, there are no tests or certifications to be given.

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO
Search Engine Land SEO Guide

The Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO is composed of nine chapters of SEO lessons. The course follows the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, which is like the Periodic Table of Elements, only modified to show proper SEO strategies.

The lessons in this guide focuses on choosing the most reliable keywords and combining them with signals or those other factors that award a website high rankings in search engines.

Aside from theoretical learning, tips and tutorial on technique execution is also provided by the guide.

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO is also free to read online. To be able to download the whole content, email subscription is required.

WordStream’s SEO Basics
WordStream SEO Guide

This guide is not an extensive one. It just covers the basics of SEO and a few advanced lessons like information architecture, and international and local SEO techniques.

Although the guide is essentially just like an article or blog entry, it contains eight different chapters. Each chapter is not very detailed but lengthy enough to show the main points of the lesson.

Additionally, images, Infographics, and screenshots are also supplemented to make the lessons more understandable.

The free guide can be viewed through WordStream. No registration or subscription is required for this course.

Serpstat Academy
Serpstat SEO Training

Serpstat Academy provides learning designed for both beginners and advanced learners. In here, you may choose from several courses based on your learning objectives and skill level.

The primary course for beginners is called Basic Information About Keywords, while the more advanced courses include Backlink Analysis, and Advance Competitor Research.

Aside from the education itself, you may find Serpstat useful because it is also an all-in-one SEO platform. This means you can immediately start working on your project while attending the class.

But if that is not desired, Serpstat will still serve as a training ground because all SEO tools are generally all the same in terms of usage.

To enroll in one of Serpstat’s SEO courses, you must first provide your email address and create an account. All the courses in Serpstat Academy are free of charge.

When you have finished all SEO courses, you can take an online quiz to gain Serpstat certification.

How Search Works
How Search Works by Google

How Search Works is not your typical online SEO course. In here, you will not learn about techniques to promote your website.

Instead, you will know about the basic algorithms behind Google’s search results and ranking methods.

The entire guide is composed of three sections: crawling and indexing, search algorithms, and useful responses.

Like what is stated above, How Search Works does not give practical tips on improving your website’s search rankings.

But still, this is a relevant guide not only because google search is the most used search engine in the world, but also because the topics discussed here are the foundation wherein the practical SEO techniques are based upon.

By learning the concepts discussed in this guide, you will have a clearer understanding regarding the more executable SEO strategies.

If you really want to strengthen your SEO knowledge, you should definitely read this guide. This guide is available to read online for free.

Over to You

Like what my friend have said to me before, learning nowadays is easy. And if I may add, with the unlimited online resources today, there really is no excuse to be ignorant.

If you are reading this, it’s not a stretch to say that you want to learn proper SEO techniques. Whether for online marketing, brand promotion, or just for increasing audience traffic, it is not a good idea to just rely on luck and chance.

To know the most profitable keywords and overall improve yourself and your website, you must be willing to take the necessary steps. We can’t just depend on shortcuts.

You can learn SEO. You only need to take the first step. Read up, enroll in online courses, the move is yours to make.

You must remember that the first steps are usually the hardest to take. I am sure that you will be able to see the difference not too long after.

As a parting gesture, I leave the floor up to you.

Which SEO course are you using to grow your business?

Please feel free to chime in on the comments section below.

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