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Consumer data is everywhere. The untold volumes of data from multiple personal devices bring endless opportunities for you to connect with the right person precisely when they are ready to act.

The art of delivering a “moment” – when a person interacts with a brand to get what they want immediately and in context – is no easy feat. This requires planning for, managing, curating, orchestrating and activating on data needed to power personalized, real-time marketing. Partnering with the right martech provider can support you on your journey.

Join Zeta’s EVP of Technology Strategy, Matt Mobley, who shares how to manage various data sources to get real-time personalization and moment-based marketing right. He is joined by guest panelist Jessica Liu, senior analyst at Forrester, David Wells, head of data marketplace development at Snowflake and Brian Stavis, global category lead, advertising and marketing technology at AWS.

Register today for “Four Elements of a Powerful, Data-Driven Martech Stack,” presented by Zeta.

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